Overcoming critical mineral concerns in the green hydrogen era 

critical mineral

Some concerns have arisen about the availability of critical minerals needed for the production of electrolysers The transition to a sustainable and low-carbon energy future hinges on technologies like green hydrogen, which has gained significant attention as a clean energy carrier with the potential to decarbonize various sectors. Green hydrogen is created by the electrolysis … Read more

What are the greenhouse gas implications of natural hydrogen extraction?

natural hydrogen

Extracting natural hydrogen is a topic that’s gaining increasing attention due to the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier. However, understanding the greenhouse gas implications of natural hydrogen extraction is essential for a comprehensive assessment of its environmental impact. A group of developers have announced, in a paper called Greenhouse gas intensity of natural … Read more

What is the future of hydrogen mobility?

hydrogen mobility

Hydrogen mobility, both in the present and its future prospects, is shaping up to be a transformative force in the world of transportation. Hydrogen, as a clean and versatile energy carrier, offers a promising solution to the environmental challenges posed by traditional fossil fuels. A report presented by H2View explores the state of hydrogen mobility … Read more

Maximizing Potential: Integrating Rooftop Solar with Hydrogen Technology for Enhanced Energy Solutions

rooftop solar

Hydrogen has long been heralded as a promising clean energy carrier with the potential to transform various industries, including transportation and energy storage. One exciting avenue for making H2 fuel more affordable and widely accessible is the integration of rooftop solar panels into the production process. Traditionally, hydrogen production has relied on methods like steam … Read more

Geologic hydrogen and it’s rising investments

Geologic hydrogen

Geologic hydrogen, also referred to as “Green Gold”, is being viewed as a valuable and environmentally friendly resource. This reflects the increasing emphasis on transitioning away from fossil fuels and toward cleaner energy alternatives. Geologic hydrogen production is generally recognized as a distinct and environmentally friendly method of producing hydrogen. Water is not needed to … Read more

Hydrogen fuel for transportation: benefits and considerations

hydrogen fuel

Numerous domestic resources can be used to manufacture hydrogen fuel, which has the potential to emit almost no greenhouse gases. After being created, hydrogen burns in a fuel cell to produce electricity while only releasing heated air and water vapor. Growth in the stationary and transportation energy sectors is anticipated. There is a chance that … Read more

Can white hydrogen be an energy carrier?

white hydrogen

Although natural hydrogen, sometimes referred to as white hydrogen, is a type of gas that exists naturally in the earth, it is rarely taken into consideration as a potential source of clean energy. The fossil fuel industry is pushing hydrogen in all forms as a low-carbon substitute for a variety of fossil fuel applications. from … Read more

Explaining the different hydrogen colors

hydrogen colors

Hydrogen itself is a colorless gas. But as there are different sources and processes used to make hydrogen, there are different hydrogen colors codes to identify them. The final piece needed for a completely decarbonized society is hydrogen. With an abundance of uses, it is the most basic and common element in the universe. Hydrogen … Read more

Can air be used for hydrogen production?

hydrogen production

A hydrogen production breakthrough: an electrolyze that collects atmospheric water vapor, including from seemingly “bone dry” air, and converts it into hydrogen has been developed by Australian and international researchers. The discovery, made possible by a group at the University of Melbourne, opens the door to the creation of hydrogen sustainable energy without using up … Read more

The future of mobility could be green ammonia

mobility green ammonia

Sustainable mobility isn’t just about electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells. Green ammonia can also be a solution. Ammonia is an extremely hazardous chemical that is mostly utilized as fertilizer, although manufacturers are becoming interested in it because of its flammable properties. Although it has a lower energy density than gasoline (about half), it does … Read more

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