Geologic hydrogen and it’s rising investments

Geologic hydrogen

Geologic hydrogen, also referred to as “Green Gold”, is being viewed as a valuable and environmentally friendly resource. This reflects the increasing emphasis on transitioning away from fossil fuels and toward cleaner energy alternatives. In general, geologic hydrogen production stands out as a unique and sustainable approach to generating hydrogen. Unlike traditional methods, this process … Read more

Hydrogen fuel for transportation: benefits and considerations

hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen fuel can be produced from diverse domestic resources with the potential for near-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Once produced, hydrogen generates electrical power in a fuel cell, emitting only water vapor and warm air. It holds promise for growth in both the stationary and transportation energy sectors. Hydrogen has the potential to meaningfully reduce GHG … Read more

Can white hydrogen be an energy carrier?

white hydrogen

Natural hydrogen, also known as white hydrogen, is a form of the gas that occurs naturally in the earth, but it is rarely considered to be an option as a source of clean energy. The fossil fuel industry is hyping hydrogen of all kinds as a low-carbon replacement for all sorts of uses of fossil … Read more

Explaining the different hydrogen colors

hydrogen colors

Hydrogen itself is a colorless gas. But as there are different sources and processes used to make hydrogen, there are different hydrogen colors codes to identify them. Hydrogen is the necessary link to a fully decarbonized society. It is the simplest and most abundant element in the universe and has a plethora of applications. Not … Read more

Can air be used for hydrogen production?

hydrogen production

A hydrogen production breakthrough: an electrolyser that collects atmospheric water vapor, including from seemingly “bone dry” air, and converts it into hydrogen has been developed by Australian and international researchers. The breakthrough, led by a team at the University of Melbourne, paves the way to renewable hydrogen production without the need to consume precious drinking … Read more

The future of mobility could be green ammonia

mobility green ammonia

Sustainable mobility isn’t just about electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells. Green ammonia can also be a solution. Ammonia is a highly toxic substance, used mainly as a fertilizer, but with combustible characteristics that have become of interest to manufacturers. Although it has a lower energy density than gasoline (about half), it does not emit … Read more

How does a hydrogen fuel cell works?

hydrogen fuel cell

Though most people hadn’t even heard of a hydrogen fuel cell a handful of years ago, their increasingly widespread use as a component of decarbonization projects means that it is becoming an everyday concept. That said, while people have now heard of them, few understand just how they work. Hydrogen has been in use for … Read more

The safety of hydrogen fuel cell cars

hydrogen fuel cell cars

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are becoming increasingly promising as the technology develops. The shipping and goods transportation industries as well as heavy industries such as mining and steel making are making hydrogen a more popular fuel. The fuel transition in small vehicles has been mostly about rechargeable electric battery powered options. There are currently only … Read more

Can we reach net-zero shipping with marine hydrogen fuel?

net-zero shipping

Marine hydrogen fuel technology could generate energy on board all vessels. This would make it possible for the fuel to be produced with reduced carbon emissions. When the fuel itself is used, it will not produce any carbon emissions, making net-zero shipping a possibility. Hydrogen is typically found naturally as a compound of either water … Read more

How can green ammonia help reach zero emissions

green ammonia

With a global consumption already reaching 200 million tonnes per year, ammonia is widely used to make agricultural fertilizers and shipping fuel. Green ammonia could offer further options in the transition to net-zero carbon dioxide emissions, specially as a valid hydrogen energy carrier. Ammonia plays a key role in ensuring universal food security and nutrition … Read more

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