Green Ammonia

Ammonia is the greener solution for hydrogen storage and transport

Ammonia is a renewable fuel made from sun, air, and water that could power the globe without carbon. In addition to its own diverse range of applications, notably in fertilizer, green ammonia can be used as a hydrogen energy carrier. With a global consumption already reaching 200 million ton per year, which is an imminent conversion market from gray to green, today, ammonia is a valid transport alternative.

Is ammonia the fuel of the future?


Although hydrogen is the most abundant natural resource, and with the highest energy density on a mass basis, it requires a massive volume to store small amounts. As it is a light gas, hydrogen needs to be stored both under pressure and in cryogenic conditions, arising safety concerns and high costs.

Ammonia has added values of globally mature transport and storage networks. It can be readily decomposed for clean hydrogen production and is a more efficient way to transport H2, as it is significantly easier to liquefy for storage and transportation. On the other hand, ammonia offers several handling and cost-effective advantages: it is non-gaseous and non-explosive.

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green ammonia


Energizing society with sustainable and reliable clean energy

We focus on research and development to provide the best technology and innovative solutions for green hydrogen and green ammonia production, energy storage and distribution. Able to provide the full project needs, UH2 strives to add value through rapid acquisitions in strategic locations, implementation of ongoing technology improvements, as well as the creation of bankable value chains.

Green ammonia market is expected to scale up to USD 5.4 billion by 2030

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