A unique opportunity to increase cost efficiency

Universal H2 is working on a project with Porto do Açu in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the development of a large-scale hydrogen/ammonia production.

This project represents a unique opportunity in terms of accelerated execution and a wide range of synergies with other businesses in the area. Porto do Açu is the largest deepwater port-industry complex in Latin America and is set-up for expansion given the available area and is projected to supply the hydrogen demands of the next few years.

Porto do Açu is a key partner that actively enables a smooth development process by connecting Universal H2 to local stakeholders, creating an environment of maximum ripple effect and added values to the project. The Port of Açu is one of the largest infrastructure enterprises in the country: it has the third largest iron ore terminal in Brazil, is responsible for 25% of Brazilian oil exports, includes the largest thermal power complex in Latin America, is home to the world’s largest offshore support base, and is already the third largest port in the country in terms of cargo volumes handled.

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The GNA LNG terminal located in the port has already stated their interest in H2 blending to pipeline and is in conversations with UH2.
The grid can provide green PPAs for the first phase of the project, while in parallel a wind power project on site is already in development for future added capacities.


Universal H2 has already secured 80 ha of industrially zoned land that will have a pipeline running to the loading jetty. The land is reserved and starting the permitting process. ENEL’s 138kV transmission lines and the gas pipeline under construction both run less than 1 km from the selected land. In addition to the wind power, a 50 MW solar park will be operational in 2023, located 5 km from the project site. The project is estimated to start construction early 2024. The project scope includes Land Lease & Purchase, Design, Engineering & Procurement and Site Development.

Some strategic milestones have already been achieved:

  • Close partnership and MoU signed with the Port of Açu.
  • Land selection made, water supply secured, power supply currently pending offer.
  • Access to a 500 KVA sub-station which will be able to supply 240 MW power for the 1st phase of development.
  • Project site will be in industrial zoned land, accelerating the licensing process.
  • Regulatory requirements and certifications mapped out.
  • 4 major offtake alternatives:
    • Natural Gas terminal at the port, currently discussing H2 blending to pipeline.
    • Conversations with local fertilizer producers for ammonia offtake
    • Global commodity offtake for ammonia
    • Iron ore pelletizing project under development by the Port on site, potential H2 offtake.


Initial Capacity
0 MW
Maximum Capacity
0.1 GW
0 tons/day

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