A strategic location from both a logistic perspective and in its access to renewable power supply

Universal H2 is conducting studies and cooperating with various stakeholders to implement a green hydrogen and ammonia hub in the industrial park of “As Pontes de Garcia Rodriguez”.

The industrial park has a good configuration, the local supply of water and infrastructure surrounding the Pontes Coal Power Plant meet all the requirements for the project. The coal plant is soon to enter the phaseout and dismantling process, which points to an even greater benefit for the region associated to this project, attracting various synergies in the new and growing hydrogen economy.

The chosen location has sizeable grid infrastructure, supporting most of the northern wind power connection to the national gird. Universal H2 has also located two sites, both +100 MW, for solar installations. This warrants for renewable power capacity for coming expansions.

The project is estimated to start operation in mid 2025.

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The Ammonia will be initially trucked to the harbor, basically reversing the former coal route.
In future, there is possibility to replace the former gas and coal thermoelectric power, with new generation based on green hydrogen and/or ammonia.

Universal H2 is cooperating with Endesa, that has already provided land options for the construction of a 120 MW H2/NH3 facility, which will be expanded up to 1 GW until 2030. The land use and previous coal plant operation, makes the environmental process less sensitive. Universal H2 is also collaborating with SISENER INGENIEROS Group, for the development and licensing of this project.

In the scope of the project, Universal H2 is also securing land with the port of El Ferrol to construct a storage facility for the shipping offtake of ammonia in connection to other ports in Europe, such as the port of Rotterdam, a UH2’s partner in Canada.


0 MW
Initial Capacity
0.1 GW
Maximum Capacity
0 tons/day

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