A groundbreaking renewable transition project

UH2 is implementing a green hydrogen and ammonia hub in As Pontes de Garcia Rodriguez, Galicia, Spain.

The project, which is the first of its kind in Northern Spain, is being entirely developed by UH2, in a multiphase implementation. The 1st phase will have a 120MW capacity for green hydrogen and ammonia facilities.

It is estimated to be operational fully by late 2026. 

The aim is to expand the project up to 1GW over the next 10 years, given time to adopt infrastructure and ride the price efficacy improvement curve expected in the industry.

UH2 Design for reference
As Pontes
As Pontes de García Rodríguez | Facebook Turismo As Pontes

UH2 is working in close cooperation with the City of As Pontes for the construction of the facilities that will produce more than 17,000 tons of green hydrogen per year.

The H2 produced will be fully utilised in the production of more than 93,000 tons of green ammonia, which will be the final product of the facility.

The green ammonia will then be distributed throughout Europe for use in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and other essential industries.

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Initial Capacity
0 MW
Maximum Capacity
0.1 GW
Ammonia production (aprox.)
0 tons/day
ammonia facility
UH2 Design for reference

The project has obtained the
"Declaración de Iniciativa Empresarial Prioritaria"
by the Xunta de Galicia

Specialized jobs creation

Local economy improvement

Environment protection


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