How does a hydrogen fuel cell works?

hydrogen fuel cell

Though most people hadn’t even heard of a hydrogen fuel cell a handful of years ago, their increasingly widespread use as a component of decarbonization projects means that it is becoming an everyday concept. That said, while people have now heard of them, few understand just how they work. Since many years ago, hydrogen has … Read more

The safety of hydrogen fuel cell cars

hydrogen fuel cell cars

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are becoming increasingly promising as the technology develops. The shipping and goods transportation industries as well as heavy industries such as mining and steel making are making hydrogen a more popular fuel. Rechargeable electric battery solutions have dominated the small car fuel transition. There are presently very few varieties of hydrogen-powered … Read more

Revolutionizing Net-Zero Shipping with Marine Hydrogen Fuel: Spark Your Journey to Success

net-zero shipping

Marine hydrogen fuel technology could generate energy on board all vessels. This would make it possible for the fuel to be produced with reduced carbon emissions. When the fuel itself is used, it will not produce any carbon emissions, making net-zero shipping a possibility. Most naturally occurring hydrogen is found as a combination of methane … Read more

How can green ammonia help reach zero emissions

green ammonia

A common ingredient in transportation fuel and agricultural fertilizers, ammonia is already consumed in 200 million tonnes annually worldwide. More choices in the move toward net-zero carbon dioxide emissions may be provided by green ammonia, particularly as a viable hydrogen energy transporter. Ammonia is an essential chemical feedstock for many industrial uses and plays a … Read more

Fuel Cell Vehicles Revolution: Empowering the Transition for a new and Brighter Future in Public Transport

fuel cell vehicles

The challenge of the zero-emission goals is making cities rethink its municipal public transportation systems. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and battery electric cars have both been heavily studied and tested to replace fossil fuel-powered fleets. An key worry for proponents of climate change has always been fossil fuels and how they may be substituted. There … Read more

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